If You Believe


“Once upon a time you believed in Love and Magic.
Then, one day, you stopped. That’s why you never found it.
You stopped listening to what you felt. You need to fix that….
Just remember –
Playing it safe is a very risky business….
It’s what you say ‘YES’ to that determines your life.
The ‘NO’S just lead NO – where.”

[From the film “If You Believe”]

Magical Mykonos



“My destination is no longer a place,

but a new way of seeing.”

Marcel Proust

Image: The Harbour at the Greek Island of Mykonos.

What Can We Learn From Picasso?

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Artist & Illustrators magazine asked Picasso’s grandson how many works his grandfather created. He replied:

“It is quite difficult to answer but we are almost able to say that since he was very young he made 2 or 3 works every day. But in his personal collection there were 2000 paintings, 12000 drawings, 300 sculptures, 4000 ceramics, a few thousand print objects.

His attitude was if you want to do something, just do it.”

And that’s what we can learn from Picasso!!