The Magnet of Love

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Photographic Art:  Caernarfon Castle, North Wales.


Notes from my journal this morning:

I dreamt I saw a large planet surrounded by innumerable small planets.  Each of the smaller planets was being held and drawn by the magnetic force of the large planet.

On awakening at 5.30am, I knew exactly what my dream meant:

“The large planet represents The Infinite, God, Providence, the Universe, The Source, The Great Spirit, The Divine – call it what you will.  It all amounts to the same thing: There is Something far greater than us, a Power beyond our imagination and comprehension.

This Power is drawing us from the darkness into the Light by the Great Magnet of LOVE.”

Meditation on Water


“The sound of water says what I think.”

Zhuang Zhou, often known as Zhuangzi (“Master Zhuang”), was an influential Chinese philosopher and Taoist thinker who lived around the 4th century BC.

Image: The Weir at Moss Valley, Wrexham, N Wales.

I Am Sailing, I Am Sailing…


“Allow your mind to sail as if on a calm sea,

and you will get to port more quickly.”

Image: The Harbour at Porthmadog, N W Wales.