If You Believe


“Once upon a time you believed in Love and Magic.
Then, one day, you stopped. That’s why you never found it.
You stopped listening to what you felt. You need to fix that….
Just remember –
Playing it safe is a very risky business….
It’s what you say ‘YES’ to that determines your life.
The ‘NO’S just lead NO – where.”

[From the film “If You Believe”]

Eternal Romance


“Burning sun, shimmering moon,

Creation in motion.

Sunbeams, warming the land,

Giving light to the earth.

And softer gleams – moonbeams –

Dancing the night away

Beneath a midnight sky.

Shyly retreating as night draws to a close

And the sun yawns on another day.

Regal sun, romantic moon,

In an everlasting love affair.

Destined not to be together –

Until the universe disappears

And they meld back together into the void,

Reunited at last, for an eternity.”


Photos taken at Black Rock Beach, North-West Wales.