Saint Tysilio’s Church, Llangollen


And the beautiful stained-glass windows


This ancient church is dedicated to the sixth century saint, St Tysilio.

Tradition says that there has been a place of worship on this site since then.

 The present church was built in the year 1180 and, at various times, has been repaired and renovated.

The font is said to date from the fourteenth century.


The oak panelling above the sanctuary also dates from the fourteenth century.


The glass in the narrow window dates from 1460, the lower figure is James the Greater.


A beautiful blessing in the information leaflet reads:

“May your visit to this ancient church, hallowed by the prayers of many centuries, remain in your memory.

Into the gracious mercy and protection of God we commit you and yours.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and give you peace and happiness as you go on your way.”

St Deiniol’s Church, Hawarden


And the fabulous stained glass windows

IMG_1931IMG_1907IMG_1905IMG_1904IMG_1876IMG_1873IMG_1863IMG_1861IMG_1858-2There has been a church on this site since St Deiniol, a sixth century Welsh saint, planted his staff here.  William Gladstone, the nineteenth century prime minister, worshipped and was married here.  Much of the building was destroyed by fire in 1857.  The church was restored by Sir George Gilbert Scott and the Gladstone family.


The Gladstone memorial chapel, depicting William and Catherine Gladstone lying in the boat of life, was completed in 1906.

Photos:  St Deiniol’s Church, Hawarden, North Wales.[17th October 2015]