Take A Walk on the Wild Side


Welcome to the Alwen Reservoir and Nature Trail.  

The trail meanders for 11.5 kilometres through forest and moorland and along the water’s edge, with spectacular views across the reservoir and to the mountains of Snowdonia.

Six illustrated panels around the route explore the wildlife, culture and folklore of this historic landscape.  

It is the perfect place to immerse oneself in nature, and to give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us on our amazing earth home.

Eternal Romance


“Burning sun, shimmering moon,

Creation in motion.

Sunbeams, warming the land,

Giving light to the earth.

And softer gleams – moonbeams –

Dancing the night away

Beneath a midnight sky.

Shyly retreating as night draws to a close

And the sun yawns on another day.

Regal sun, romantic moon,

In an everlasting love affair.

Destined not to be together –

Until the universe disappears

And they meld back together into the void,

Reunited at last, for an eternity.”


Photos taken at Black Rock Beach, North-West Wales.