We Are Who We Believe We Are


Photos: Winter at Trawsynydd Lake, North Wales.


Excerpt From My Journal 12th April 2012

WE ARE WHO WE BELIEVE WE ARE.  All obstacles are only in the mind. There are no limitations apart from those the mind invents. If I believe in those limitations, if I truly believe that they are tangible and that they really do exist, then so they are, and so they do.

To believe in anything is to feed it, nourish it, strengthen it.  Believe in obstacles and they will bar the way.  Know, instead, that they are only fleeting inventions of the mind, and so they will be.

It is the lower mind that sets boundaries and puts limitations on our dreams.  The heart is forever free-thinking, willing to take chances, to live its dreams. 

We can change our destiny, and that of the world, by changing our thoughts and beliefs.  We can turn any situation around, because nothing is ever set in stone, even if it is written in the stars, and even if it has been prophesied for millennia.

Across the Threshold to 2017


The sun has risen on the first day of the first month of a new year.  A new day has dawned, heralding new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean slate, and no regrets.

Life is what we make it.  We are the architect of our own destiny, the captain of our own ship.  We create our own future.  So let’s make it an amazing one.

Miracles and magical experiences await us on the horizon.  We may not see them yet, but they’re there.  Just BELIEVE!!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

Behold All Things Have Become New





This morning at 3am, I awoke to some words resounding in my head:

“Behold, all things have become new!!”

A new day breaks, a new year dawns – heralding new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start, new hopes and dreams. And absolutely no regrets!

I previously observed life through negative eyes and I dwelt on that negativity – on all the things that were wrong in the world. And what we focus upon….grows!

It’s all a matter of perception – we see what we expect to see, what we’ve been conditioned to see. But we can change our perception. We can start to look for the best in everything and everyone.

I’ve had a mind makeover, and the seeds of beauty have been planted therein. I see the world through ‘new’ eyes, since I started to look at life through a lens. It’s like a spotlight on the natural world. I see beauty everywhere and in everyone. I dwell on it, focus on it, and I watch it grow- beauty springing up everywhere I look!!

“Change yourself to change your world.
Change your thoughts, your attitudes and your beliefs,
and your world will change accordingly.”

Wishing you all a beauty-filled 2015.