About Isabella Rose


Moss Valley, N Wales

Photography has become one of my greatest passions and driving forces.

What is your passion? What lights your fire? What brings you alive? Whatever it is, follow it with your heart. It will help you to live the fullest expression of life, to be the most glorious vision of yourself that you can be.

Be true to yourself, and use the passion of your heart to propel you forward on the path of Life.

Passion is both motivational and inspirational. It is contagious and it spreads like wildfire. Not only will it bring out the magnificence of your own being, it will also rub off on others, spreading loveliness to all corners of the world.

“The life I touch…will touch another life,

and that in turn another, until who knows

…in what far place my touch will be felt.”

Frederick Buechner


Moss Valley, N Wales

Live your passion.  Be inspired.  Touch the lives of others with your inspirational offerings.  You are a sacred child of the universe.  You are free as the birds.  There are no limitations.  Choose to be whatever you want to be.

All you need do is listen to the strings of your heart, the sublime music of the spheres. It will guide you to your passion and lead you ever onward to the fullest expression of life.

Live and love with wild abandon. Let your spirit dance. Be intoxicated with life. Fully ignite the passions of your heart.


are you breathing just a little,

and calling it a life?”

Mary Oliver


Moss Valley, N Wales

It is the way to change the world – to live with inspiration and a deep sense of hope within one’s heart, and to work towards living the fullest expression of life; to be the best that we can be, the greatest and grandest vision of our Selves.  

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I hope you’ll join me on my quest to live the fullest expression of life by following the passions of my heart.

Nature/Animal Lover. Photography. Lover of Life.  

Miracles and magic are on the horizon. Just BELIEVE!!  

Croeso!   Welcome!

56 thoughts on “About Isabella Rose

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  2. “I hope you’ll join me on my quest to live the fullest expression of life by following the passions of my heart. Blessings…Isabella Rose”
    I was impressed by your about and the content of your blog.
    Its is simple I have to just Follow You, Your Heart and Your Blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love your photos, Scott, and it was a pleasure to connect again. My health is slowly improving but not quite firing on all cylinders yet. I will be posting again soon from my archives but hope to be able to get out and about again shortly to try out my new DSLR camera:-)


    • Thank you. I thought it was you, Denise, but I wasn’t sure. have not been on WordPress for a few months due to being ill. Not out of the tunnel yet but hope to be back soon. I miss all my friends here. Lovely to hear from you xx


      • Get well very soon! I had a hard time finding you again. I found you through your twitter. So glad you are still online. I missed blogging so had to reinvent myself again! 🙂


      • Thank you, dear friend. I’m so glad we’ve connected again and that you are back on WordPress. I miss being here too and hope to be back very shortly. I am experiencing a very slow return to health but I’m on the way now. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel where there has been none for several months. I am feeling the pull to get back to normal which is surely a good sign. Lovely to hear from you. Take very good care. Love from Izzy xx


      • I look forward to your beautiful photography. I just rejoined twitter the other day too. I hope this time I don’t get hacked. Peace and rest to you.


    • Danke, lieber Ernst. Sie sind so freundlich. Haben Sie einen wunderbaren Sommer auch.

      Thank you, dear Ernst. You are so kind. Have a wonderful summertime too 🙂


    • Yes, I know. It’s been a major problem for the last two weeks and WordPress have not been able to sort it fully yet. Thanks for letting me know. Blessings.


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