A Visit to Ephesus [Part 2]

SDC10643 (2)-2

Let the drama begin

SDC10645 (5)-2

Roman soldiers marching into Ephesus


The Emperor’s party arrives

SDC10653 (5)-2

The Emperor awaits the spectacle

SDC10654 (4)-2


The Emperor’s wife arrives


The dancing girls

SDC10663 (5)-2

Soldiers standing guard

SDC10665-2SDC10667 (2)-2

The juggler performs


The gladiators approach

SDC10668 (5)-2

Soldiers guard the entrance


Spectator’s watching the combat


Waiting for the Emperor’s decision


Guards prevent access to the Emperor

SDC10676 (5)-2

The Emperor and his wife leave the arena

SDC10678 (5)-2

SDC10679 (5)-2

Soldiers bringing up the rear

Photos: Drama at Ephesus, 2012


4 thoughts on “A Visit to Ephesus [Part 2]

    • No, we were just standing around among the ruins at Ephesus. It was a special show put on for the cruise ship passengers. The photos don’t tell the whole story because the accompanying music especially added to the atmosphere. You really felt as though you’d gone back in time. Fabulous!


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