A Visit to Ephesus [Part 1]

SDC10620 (2)-2SDC10619-2

The Library of Celsius


Ruins of the Agora [main marketplace], Ephesus


Relief sculpture of Nike, the goddess of victory

SDC10606 (2)-2

Remains of the Trajan Fountain


Temple of Hadrian

SDC10612 (3)-2SDC10613 (3)-2SDC10595 (3)-2

Intricate carvings adorn the ancient ruins

SDC10617 (3)-2

Feeding the cats at Ephesus

Photos: Ephesus, Turkey 2012


18 thoughts on “A Visit to Ephesus [Part 1]

    • Oh what a shame. Our port was Kusadasi and Ephesus was one of the excursions. Such an amazing place, alive with atmosphere and history. I particularly loved visiting Mary’s traditional home in the mountains- breathtakingly sacred.


  1. This looks such a stunning site, Isabella. Your photos are very beautiful. I went through your posts backwards and they are all so different. So many vibrant characters in the second, and the almost painterly quality of the third. 🙂 Very lovely!

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