Earth Pilgrims and Kindred Spirits

IMG_4877It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many kindred spirits here on WordPress and within the social networking hub; numerous gifted individuals sharing their beautiful art forms, or their uplifting words or inspirational experiences.  Such beauty cannot fail to uplift our world.

I’m not a brilliant writer, neither am I a professional photographer, but when I woke in the early hours of yesterday morning, a quote came into my head:

“Use what talent you possess.

The woods would be very quiet

if no birds sang except those that sang best.”

 Henry Van Dyke

And so, from now on, my work will be my Legacy of Beauty, Peace, Hope and Love for our world.  It is an unconditional gift from my heart, copyright free, and you may freely share it if you wish.

I truly believe that what we focus on grows.  With more and more of us focusing on beauty, peace, hope and love – what a difference this is making to humankind, even if we cant yet see the visible evidence.

We are earth pilgrims, travelling the road of life, shining our Light to illuminate the dark spaces.  And we SHALL overcome, for Light always overcomes darkness.

Thank you all for sharing your passions and creativity.  You are an inspiration for me. Have the most wonderful SUN-DAY.


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