Magical, Mystical Midsummer’s Eve

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My mind travelled back to Midsummer’s Eve, when I had walked  on the beach at Black Rock in West Wales. It was the most wonderful night of my life. The moon was full, its myriad rays dancing across the tranquil ocean and rippling gently at the water’s edge.

Behind me, the dunes loomed out of the gathering darkness, like weird ethereal spectres in the night. The sand shimmered around me, a mirage of palpating, vibrant, golden energy. The star-spangled indigo heavens stretched majestically above me, a tapestry of cascading starlight interwoven with moonbeams.

The moment was both hypnotic and sublime. I was delirious with joy as I walked, barefoot, my mind unencumbered, my heart bathed in rapture. There was truly magic in the air that night.

To Waste My Heart on Fear No More

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“May I have the courage, today, to live the life that I would love,

to postpone my dream no longer, but do at last what I came here for,

and waste my heart on fear no more.”

John O’Donohue

Image: Sunset over Mykonos, Greek Islands.

Pilgrimage Part 3: St James Church


This is St James the Apostle’s Church in Holywell, North Wales. [Holywell is named after the Holy Well of St Winefride.]  





The church is situated on a hillside overlooking St Winefride’s Well,  and adjacent to St Winefride’s Well Chapel.




The tower is fourteenth century.  The rest of the church mostly dates from the eighteenth century.




The interior of the church is pervaded by a sense of peace and tranquility. 



 The church is said to have been founded by St Beuno in the 7th Century,and was dedicated to his neice, St Winefride, for many centuries. 

It was re-dedicated to St James the Apostle in the eighteenth century, after substantial restoration.



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Pilgrimage Part 2: St Winefride’s Holy Well Chapel


St Winefride’s Well Chapel is located in Holywell, Flintshire, North Wales.

The 15th Century chapel was built over the Well, with its crypt providing the vaulted arch ceiling to the Well chamber.


The chapel stands adjacent to St James’s church.


It was thought to have been built by order of Lady Margaret Beaufort (Lady Stanley, mother of Henry VII).

The chapel is kept locked but the key can be obtained for a £5 returnable deposit, from the custodian at St Winefride’s Holy Well Visitor Centre.

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The Day of the Sun

Sun-day morning. Lovely!! I’m sitting here in my warm, comfortable bed, sipping a mug of strong, hot tea and counting my blessings. I’m dwelling on the beauty and goodness in the world.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t see the world’s pain, just that I choose not to focus upon it. For according to the Law of Attraction, we get more of what we focus on.  

I was listening to a recording last night on the teachings of the Indian guru, Paramahansa Yogananda [1893-1952]. He advocated forgiveness, kindness and compassion as being essentials for right living. These qualities stem from heart level, the core of our being.  As the wise King Solomon of Israel said: “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The more we demonstrate these qualities in our lives, the closer we come to  the consciousness of the Master Jesus, who consistently chose to express these intrinsic values throughout his life, even when he was suffering the horrors of crucifixion.

When the disciple, Peter, asked Jesus if he should forgive others as many as seven times, Jesus replied that he should rather forgive seventy times seven. I don’t think that he was literally saying that we must forgive exactly 490 times, but rather that we should not put limitations on our forgiveness of others. 

There are no limitations to unconditional love, which only seeks the best for others, which constantly demonstrates unconditional forgiveness, kindness and compassion.

Sun-day. The day of the Sun. The special day for shining forth the warm rays of Light and Love from our hearts, to illuminate our beautiful world. As Mother Teresa said:“If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

A Visit to Ephesus [Part 3]


Tradition says that the Virgin Mary spent her latter years in the mountains above Ephesus in Turkey.  A statue of Mary stands at the entrance to the celebrated site.

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The house where Mary is said to have lived until her death.


Lighting a candle at Mary’s Shrine.

Photos: Mary’s traditional home in the mountains above Ephesus, Turkey 2012

A Visit to Ephesus [Part 2]

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Let the drama begin

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Roman soldiers marching into Ephesus


The Emperor’s party arrives

SDC10653 (5)-2

The Emperor awaits the spectacle

SDC10654 (4)-2


The Emperor’s wife arrives


The dancing girls

SDC10663 (5)-2

Soldiers standing guard

SDC10665-2SDC10667 (2)-2

The juggler performs


The gladiators approach

SDC10668 (5)-2

Soldiers guard the entrance


Spectator’s watching the combat


Waiting for the Emperor’s decision


Guards prevent access to the Emperor

SDC10676 (5)-2

The Emperor and his wife leave the arena

SDC10678 (5)-2

SDC10679 (5)-2

Soldiers bringing up the rear

Photos: Drama at Ephesus, 2012