My WordPress is Back


Just to let you know that my problems with WordPress have now all been resolved by the happiness engineers. They have been amazing. They have managed to re-instate this original blog and also to get my domain name back too.  I’m very happy to get back to normal.

Thank you all.


29 thoughts on “My WordPress is Back

  1. Welcome to my blog! Is this your first visit?
    Let me inform you: Here you’ll find more than 5500 pictures
    – all in ‘full screen’ – waiting for you! Please enjoy!
    And some good advice to make it worth your time:
    IMPORTANT! Please activate a map of Norway, indentifying the different counties!
    Please activate a link to my ‘Index’! (You’ll find one at the end of any post you open!)
    Here you’ll find all reports (and more) listed alphabetically under their respective counties.
    You may also see how many pictures included in each report and which photographer that
    did the job! If you take a fancy to one special photographer, you may insert his/her
    3-letter ID-code into the small ‘text window’ underneath my ‘top frame’. Click ‘Enter’ and see all his/her work! (Photographers ID-codes in lower right hand corner of any picture published!)
    Or you may insert i.e. ‘Oslo’ and see all reports related to Oslo?! It’s easy?!

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      • Just caught up with some of your posts, Scott. You are such a wonderful photographer and I love your beautiful images. [Ps I wanted to comment on quite a few of them but the comments were closed, so letting you know here. Your progress is amazing and I’ve always held you in high esteem ever since we met here on WordPress. Thank you.

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  2. Isabella, you can add your blog URL via the dashboard, go to: “Users”, then click: “My Profile”, then add the URL, and the name of your website. It doesn’t have to be done via gravatar, it can be find via the dashboard, and in fact, there is a clearer image of the blog when done from the dashboard.

    May God the Most Merciful, attend to your every need. ❤️

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    • I have done it in the dashboard, but it cant be verified under gravatar, which keeps saying that my site isn’t known. Maybe it’s because of all the mix up. Hopefully it will sort itself out in the next few days. Thank you for taking the time to help, and Thank you for that beautiful blessing. ♥

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      • I didn’t mean to have Gravatar verify it, WP has become impossible with its linking sites to Avatar, just add your site, as I said, “Links
        You can add links to any website you like here and they will be included on your profile.”

        That is under: “My Profile”, add your URL and the name of your blog/website and it will show up on Gravatar, if this is confusing, I’ll take a pic of my dashboard and send it to you so that you will see what I mean.

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  3. That’s terrific news!
    It would be helpful to add this URL to your gravatar profile, right now, the new one that you created is there, but it says “private”.
    Lots of love,

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    • Thank you, Genie. I will do that. I set the other site up because I didn’t think the engineers would manage to sort this one, but miracles do indeed happen. I’ll keep the other site for future use, so will keep it private and empty for now. Bless you. ♥

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      • I’m disappointed with myself for not emailing you when I noticed that your domain or rerouting had run out, I even mentioned it to a happiness engineer who told me to tell you, but I thought that perhaps you may have wanted to stop posting and I did not wish to be pushy, however, looking back, I see that it would have been a friendly gesture, I tend to be very shy — and I tend to never email anyone on WP unless they have given me permission to email them.

        Thank you! ❤️ Bless you too, dear heart. ❤️

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