The Road Less Travelled


As the sun sets on the old year, may we all journey Onwards and Upwards on the road less travelled – following every rainbow, climbing every mountain, reaching for the stars, living life to the full, with new-found fervour and heart-stirring passion. Life truly is an amazing gift. I want to share it with you.

I feel an awesome excitement deep within me. I love my life – it’s growing into something quite magnificent. I don’t even feel like ‘me’ any more. I’m a stranger to myself. Who is this animated, inspired, wildly passionate, enthusiastic woman? I feel like a child again! I have stepped out into the glorious Light of a New Day.

May the New Year of 2015 bring to us all the fulfilment that our heart’s yearn for.

“There is a road in the hearts of all of us,

hidden and seldom travelled,

which leads to an unknown, secret place.”

Chief Luther Standing Bear


39 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled

    • Thank you, Poppy. I am particularly struck this year by the hypothetical sun setting on the old year. Today I will post sunrise photos – the sun rising on a new year – new beginnings and a fresh start. Wonderful. I pray it will be an amazing year for us both, when our wildest dreams come true. God bless, Poppy ♥


  1. I’m delighted to learn that you are pleased with the “new you.” You are filled with vigor and freedom to pursue new ideas and dreams. God bless you for a wonderful new year.

    The sunset photos are all so lovely and inspiring.

    Best regards,~yvonne

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  2. My heart sings with joy, Angel Isabella Rose, is feeling happy, like the child of God she is, God is great, Angel Isabella Rose is feeling happy.

    Happy New Year, dearest.

    I love you,

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